About All Daf

14 years ago, the OU launched its Daf Yomi website and podcasts - a revolutionary project at the time. Some listeners used online shiurim as their primary resource for Daf learning, while others utilized them as a convenient review. For two cycles, the site saw enormous growth, with up to 3000 unique users daily.

In January 2020, as a new cycle of Siyum HaShas began, once more the OU took a leap forward with the launch of AllDaf, a comprehensive and technologically advanced platform catering Daf Yomi learners of every level, from beginners to Maggidei Shiur. The platform offers Daf Yomi learners a wide array of content in a user-friendly and easily accessible format. This includes value-added content through relevant Daf-related mini-series, including Jewish History, Tanach, Halacha, and Lomdus.