Pesukei HaDaf
Context, the key to comprehension

Join R’ Yaakov Trump as he unpacks the text, the Mefarshim and the messages of the pesukim mentioned on each day’s Daf.
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Pesukei HaDaf
5-10 Minutes
Wide Range of Topics

The gemara is replete with connected pesukim and derashos; Translating the words alone can be mystifying.

Now you can join in the conversation and stop sitting on the sidelines as a text-heavy Daf passes you by.

Rabbi Trump opens up new vistas of understanding as he gives you the inside view of the gemara’s thought process.

Who is it for:
  • Daf Yomi Learners who want the context behind the gemara
  • Those who want to appreciate the nuances of the Gemara
  • Gemara learners puzzled by Pesukim and Derashos
You’ll gain:
  • The ability to hear the message of the Gemara
  • When the Navi lived and what was happening at the time.
  • How these 2 or more pesukim relate to each other and our gemara.
  • Why the gemara chose this derasha.
About Rabbi Yaakov Trump
Rabbi Yaakov Trump serves as the Rabbi of the Young Israel of Lawrence/Cedarhurst and teaches Halachah at Shulamit. Rabbi Trump is also the founder of Nach Nook, a website dedicated to daily study of Nach. Rabbi Trump will be lending his expertise on Nach to the OU Daf Yomi Initiative.