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Learn the Sugya
Then its backstory.

Jewish History in Daf Yomi is a series of bite-sized lectures related to the Daf, delivered daily by renowned Jewish History expert, Dr. Henry Abramson
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5-10 Minutes
Wide Range of Topics

Within each Daf lies a world of knowledge; Daf Yomi but scratches its surface

Now, you can delve deeper into the Daf with the renowned and dynamic Jewish Historian, Dr. Henry Abramson.

You’ll explore:
  • Lost cultures - who they were, how they lived
  • Archeological finds - and their significance to the Daf
  • Ancient medical techniques - and how they’re still relevant today
  • Famous taana’im & amora’im - the great minds of yesteryear
  • and much much more!
Who is this series is for?
  • History buffs
  • Daf Yomi learners
  • All those who are curious, inquisitive, and love to learn
What People are Saying About This Series:
Once again, enlightening and entertaining. Toda!!
Very informative lectures
I’m so grateful I found this series
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About Dr. Henry Abramson
Dr. Henry Abramson is a renowned historian, lecturer, and author who currently serves as Dean of Touro College’s Avenue J campus. He earned his PhD in from the University of Toronto for a dissertation on the Jews of Ukraine, and has held post-doctoral and visiting appointments at Harvard, Oxford, Cornell, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His Torah education at the tertiary level was conducted at Yeshivat Ohr Somayach in Toronto.