Learn the Sugya
Then its backstory.

Jewish History in Daf Yomi is a series of bite-sized lectures related to the Daf, delivered daily by renowned Jewish History expert, Dr. Henry Abramson
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Learn the Sugya
5-10 Minutes
Wide Range of Topics

Within each Daf lies a world of knowledge; Daf Yomi but scratches its surface

Now, you can delve deeper into the Daf with the renowned and dynamic Jewish Historian, Dr. Henry Abramson.

You’ll explore:
  • Lost cultures - who they were, how they lived
  • Archeological finds - and their significance to the Daf
  • Ancient medical techniques - and how they’re still relevant today
  • Famous taana’im & amora’im - the great minds of yesteryear
  • and much much more!
Who is this series is for?
  • History buffs
  • Daf Yomi learners
  • All those who are curious, inquisitive, and love to learn
What People are Saying About This Series:
I am really enjoying the JH in daf series. My father zl was a “daf yomi man” who completed over 4 cycles of the daf. He really would have enjoyed meeting you. He also was particularly fond of the personalities of the daf, which you bring to life.
congrats on the bechoros “siyum”-I know that you actually finished a while ago, but since the cycle has developed its own measure of sanctity (note the multiple connections between the daf and the parshas Hashavua). Completion of Bechoros actually represents the end of two cycles of the daf that I have learned with Dr Jeger (official siyum to follow soon)
About Dr. Henry Abramson
Dr. Henry Abramson is a renowned historian, lecturer, and author who currently serves as Dean of Touro College’s Avenue J campus. He earned his PhD in from the University of Toronto for a dissertation on the Jews of Ukraine, and has held post-doctoral and visiting appointments at Harvard, Oxford, Cornell, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His Torah education at the tertiary level was conducted at Yeshivat Ohr Somayach in Toronto.