Daf in Practice
Timeless [Talmud] Teachings. 21st Century Applications.

Various authors cover a wide range of sources, from Tannaim to modern-day Poskim and Rabbanim, as they explore the halachic ramifications of each Daf.
(With 3 minute shiurim of the Daf in Practice series.)
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Daf in Practice
5-10 Minutes
Wide Range of Topics

Sincerity guides your Torah study as you strive to apply your learning to your daily grind.

Live today’s Daf with the practical, real-life application of your learning with a 3-5 minute daily takeaway.

You’ll Gain:
  • A Daily Halacha from the Daf
  • Clear Torah applications to share with your friends
  • Questions you never thought to ask
  • Resolutions for new age Halachic Issues
Who is this series is for? Those who like:
  • Questions that pique their interest
  • Clear, Concise & Practical Halachos
  • A take-home from each Daf