Steve Neuwirth - The Power of One Documentary
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Who Was Steve?

Steve Neuwirth a”h loved to learn.

Despite his grueling schedule as one of America’s most prominent antitrust lawyers. 

Despite starting his journey in Torah at a later stage in life. 

Steve had a non-negotiable two-hour daily study partner early every morning, before leaving for his office in the city. When he traveled for work, he would go with a briefcase of law briefs in one hand — and a briefcase of seforim in the other.

Wherever, whenever, and however he could, Steve learned. And he grew in his learning, achieving a vast knowledge of Torah.

On the final Yom Kippur before his passing, Steve gave a speech, thanking all the people who joined in to form a minyan for him at home.

In the speech, Steve reiterated his favorite message: Gam Zu l’Tovah, this too is for the good. He spoke of his gratitude to Hashem for all the good in his life. And he spoke of the greatness that all Jews inherently possess.