Daf in Practice
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Timeless Talmud Teachings. 21st Century Applications.

Various authors cover a wide range of sources, from Tannaim to modern-day Poskim and Rabbanim, as they explore the halachic ramifications of each Daf. 

Sincerity guides your Torah study as you strive to apply your learning to your daily grind.

Live today’s Daf with the practical, real-life application of your learning with a 3-5 minute daily takeaway. 

You’ll Gain:

A Daily Halacha from the Daf  

Clear Torah applications to share with your friends.

Questions you never thought to ask

Resolutions for new age Halachic Issues 

Who is this series is for? Those who like:

Questions that pique their interest

Clear, Concise & Practical Halachos

A take-home from each Daf

Daf in Practice
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