The 8 Minute Daf
Visualize your Daf review. Engrave it in your memory eternally

In his own unique style Rav Eli Stefansky uses charts, pictures and props to explain and illustrate even the hardest sugyas in Shas.
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The 8 Minute Daf
8 Minutes
Wide Range of Topics

The written word does not easily transform itself into pictures in the human mind

Join Rav Stefansky, master of the art of bringing the words of the Daf to life with relevant pictures and videos, in his 8 minute Daf Series

You’ll gain:
  • A clear pictorial chazara to facilitate Daf Retention
  • Daily video clips bring a clear and concise Synopsis Enhanced with pictures, videos and charts
  • The most enjoyable Daf review you’ve ever done
Who is this for?
  • Daf Yomi Maggidei Shiur or Learners preparing for Daf Yomi Shiur
  • Daf Yomi Learners Reviewing the Daf
  • Anyone looking to broaden their knowledge of Torah Concepts