Rabbi Rosner Daf B’iyun
Penetrate the bedrock of today’s Daf

Daf B'iyun is an all-encompassing Gemara Shiur by Rabbi Shalom Rosner with a base firmly set by the Day’s Daf.
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Rabbi Rosner Daf B’iyun
5-10 Minutes
Wide Range of Topics

New worlds of understanding gemara are waiting to be uncovered.

Probe the depths of the Daf with Rabbi Shalom Rosner and reach its core.

You’ll gain:
  • The satisfaction that comes with a clear understanding of the inherent depth in each and every Daf
  • A true sense of accomplishment
  • An extensive background on each Shas topic
Who is it for?
  • Daf Yomi Learners with an appreciation for the entire sugya
  • One learning any Shas topic deeply
  • One who wants to expand their Torah horizons without the time to do so on their own research