Daf In Halacha
Halacha B’iyun. Bring the Daf to Life.

Daf in Halacha is a series of In-Depth Halacha Shiurim focused on the sugyas discussed in the Daily Daf given by the Bais Havaad.
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Daf In Halacha
5-10 Minutes
Wide Range of Topics

For more than 2,000 years poskim have began their Halacha learning with the Daf Gemara and worked downward.

Sit in and hear shiurim from the Bais Havaad in that exact style and begin to understand the world of Psak Halacha.

You’ll gain:
  • The complete Halacha picture for topics found on that Day’s Daf
  • A grasp on the sugya in Halacha
  • Direction for how to ask your shailos to your LOR
Who is this for?
  • Daf Yomi Learners with a penchant for a breadth of knowledge in Halacha
  • Someone learning a Sugya B’Halacha
  • One who wants to bring clear Halacha into their lives