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All Daf Yerushalmi Info
To access the Yerushalmi shiurim and calendar, please follow the below prompts:
  • 1
    Tap accounts icon
  • 2
    Tap learning style
  • 3
    Choose Yerushalmi and tap done
  • 4
    Tap home page icon (bottom left)
Your app will now be following the Yerushalmi cycle.
Do the same and choose Daf Yomi to revert back to Bavli.
Please read carefully for updated Yerushalmi shiurim information.
Are the shiurim available on the alldaf.org website?
YES!. Whilst logged in, go to My Preferences and select "Yerushalmi" from the Learning Type options - click Sumbit and you will have chaged your account to the Yerushalmi Program.
How do I access the Yerushalmi Shiurim on the app?
Access is only through changing the setting in your account. (See above for directions.) We are working on other access options.
Is there a Tzuras HaDaf available to view while I’m learning?
We don’t have the Tzuras HaDaf available in our app. However, we have direct access to the ArtScroll app on every player page. By tapping on Daf, you’ll automatically be routed to the ArtScroll app and the current Daf. We recommend you download the ArtScroll app and follow instructions to download their Daf prior to using this feature.
Click here to Download the Daf yomi yerushalmi calendar
(following the schottenstein edition talmud yerushalmi)

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