All Daf One Year Highlight Reel
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One year ago, Klal Yisroel came together to celebrate. One year ago, things were "normal." One year ago, we thought that life was predictable.

Then, everything changed. But one thing hasn't changed.

Daf Yomi.

Every day, come what may, hundreds of thousands of Yidden throughout the world complete their daf and move one step higher in Avodas Hashem.

All Daf, the free Daf Yomi app from the OU, has been fortunate to play a part in this global demonstration of unstoppable Ahavas HaTorah.

From physicians in Covid wards to a mashgiach supervising salmon kashrus on an island in Alaska to tens of thousands of Daf Yomi participants stuck at home this year, All Daf was the path to leave the troubles of this world behind and immerse in the joy and light of Torah.

In this recap video, we celebrate this accomplishment together.

May we celebrate many more together!

One Daf at a time.

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