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Yerushalmi Introduction - Rabbi Rosner

Dividing An Estate Among 3 כתובות: A Non-Game Theory Approach

Thank You 5782

Send a shana tova message to your maggidei shiur!

Send a shana tova message to your maggidei shiur!Every time someone sends a thank you note, acknowledging the work that goes into preparing a shiur, and how much they’re enjoying them, it’s greatly...

Journey To England


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Walking The Halls of the OU with Rabbi Dr. Josh Joseph

Yevamos With All Daf

Inside The Daf Academy - A Conversation With Rabbi Ari Taback

WATCH: Worried about Yevamos?

Siyum On Seder Moed Update

All Daf Journey to Vegas

Help Us Keep Up The Momentum!

WATCH: Rabbi Dr. Eliezer Brodt on Seforim and Peirushim of Maseches Taanis

Zichru: A Conversation With Co-Founder Rabbi Avraham Goldhar

Rabbi Dr. Eliezer Brodt: Seforim and Peirushim; the known the unknown and some history behind them.

The Story Behind The Siyum

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All Daf Siyum Yoma Highlights

All Daf Siyum Yoma Slideshow

David Notowitz: From Court Evidence to Daf Recordings

David Notowitz, a forensic video and audio analyst from LA, has been an avid All Daf learner since January 2020. After hearing harsh sounds like echoes, electronic humming, and scratching noises in...

FINALLY Back to the OU NYC headquarters!!!

Meet the All Star OU team in action!Listen to R' David Pardo of OU Torah explain why we need an Antarctica cruise. Watch Maury Litwack of Teach Coalition break down the science of beard care ;) and...

He Learnt The Daf 8 Times A Day!

All Daf FAQ Part 1: My Queue

What's The Connection Between Lag B'Omer & Yoma?


Why Are We Learning Yoma Now? A conversation with Rabbi Doctor Eliezer Brodt

Our Parsha in Our Mesechta

Inside Daf Hachaim

Director's Message 4.15.21

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Peirushim and Seforim for Yoma (Daf Yomi cycle 14) with Nachi Weinstein of The Seforim Chatter Podcast

Sefer Siach Yitzchok (Hebrew Edition)

Director's Message 4.8.21

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Director's Message 3.25.21

Rabbi Doctor Eliezer Brodt: Meseches Shekalim Throughout The Generations

Some of the topics discussed.Part 1: General Yerushalmi discussion1)Introduction2)Rishonim and Yerushalmi3)Peirushim on YerushalmiPart 21)Shekalim and Daf Yomi2)Shekalim in the standard Talmud Bavl...

Director's Message 3.18.21

Director's Message 3.11.21

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Director's Message 3.4.21

Meet Charlie the 13 year old Daf Yomi Magid Shiur. Watch a brief overview of why we filmed and are highlighting Charlie’s story, plus a quick Pesachim Siyum update.

Meet Charlie - 13 Year Old Daf Yomi Magid Shiur

Meet Charlie Breda, possibly the youngest Daf Yomi Magid Shiur on Earth.When Charlie was 12 years old he started giving a daf yomi shiur to his friends using the the AllDaf app as a resource. One y...

Director's Message 2.25.21

Director's Message 2.18.21

Director's Message 2.10.21

Director's Message 2.4.21

Director's Message 1.28.21

Director's Message 1/21/21

Director's Message 1.7.21

This week Rabbi Schwed discusses the following: All Daf one year anniversary video reel. New video with Rabbi Nosenchuck about hafrashas challah and a new video in the works about machine matzah.

All Daf One Year Highlight Reel

One year ago, Klal Yisroel came together to celebrate. One year ago, things were "normal." One year ago, we thought that life was predictable.Then, everything changed. But one thing hasn't changed....