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Notice An Issue?

While we roll out the new updates and features, please be aware that there may be minor glitches or bugs. Please report them to for our dedicated support team to review and fix.

APP UPDATES: Some phones do not get auto app updates, please go to your App Store/Google Play and search for "ALL DAF" and then select UPDATE if prompted.


CONTINUE LEARNING: All shiurim that have not been completed can be found in the LIBRARY tab. All shiurim from the current daf will be on the homepage with an IN PROGRESS bar on top of it. PLEASE NOTE: You have to be signed into the app to use this feature.

DAF NAVIGATOR: You can select from the calendar on the top of the home screen to select a daf. Simply tap on the desired day and the desired daf will appear. You can also scroll the above calendar to go further back.

The daf can also be changed by going to the arrow on the top right of the home screen.

UPDATE PROMPT: As we continue to push out updates - users will get an update prompt and once selected the update will download and then the app will restart.



VIDEO QUALITY: As we update our video player to full HD, the video quality will temporarily be poor quality.

SCREEN FLICKER - ANDROID: Phones not updates to Android 12 are having this issue. If your phone is able to be updated please do so.

We are working on a fix for older versions of Android.

ANDROID AUTO: There is an issue with playing auto when the phone is connected. This is not an All Daf issue but rather an Android Auto bug.

DOUBLE PLAYER: We are working on a fix

Skip to next daf in the player page working on a fix.

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WhatsApp: Follow our WhatsApp status for our latest Daf Yomi features and extras: