Zichru Daf Simanim
Siman - Pesachim Daf 57
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  • Strong-arm Kohanim taking the hides

It was taught in a Baraisa, בראשונה הו מניחין עורות קדשים בלשכת בית הפרוה – Originally the Kohanim would place the hides of the daily kodshim in the Parvah chamber, and at night they would apportion the hides to the family (beis av) of Kohanim serving that day. When strong armed Kohanim would come and take more than their fair share, the Kohanim instituted a practice whereby they would apportion the hides once a week on erev Shabbos. Rashi explains that their thinking was that the entire watch could prevent the strong-arm members from taking more. Even then, high ranking Kohanim would take more than their fair share by force. Seeing that there was no solution, עמדו בעליהם והקדישום לשמים – the owners (which Rashi explains to mean, all of the Kohanim) rose and they were makdish the hides to shomayim.

The Baraisa continues that because of this, it did not take long until they covered the entire Heichal with gold plates, and on a regel they would peel off the plates and place them on a stairway of the Har Habayis so that the olay regalim would see that their workmanship was exquisite and there were no flaws.

  • ארבע צווחות צוחה עזרה

It was taught in a Baraisa, ארבע צווחות צוחה עזרה – The azarah cried out four cries, which is understood to mean that a bas kol was heard in the Temple courtyard. צאו מכאן בני עלי – “Depart from here the sons of Eli,” for their improper conduct as recounted in Sefer Shmuel. “Depart from here Yissachar, from the village of Barkai, who honors himself and is mechallel kodshei shomayim by wrapping his hand with silk when doing the avodah”. This invalidated the avodah because it served as a chatzitzah, and it also disgraced the offerings since he refused to handle directly the sacred flesh and blood. שאו שערים ראשיהם – “Raise up your heads, O gates, so that Yishmael ben Piachi, a talmid of Pinchas, may enter and serve as Kohen Gadol”. Rashi explains that even though his family were strong-arm oppressors, he himself was a righteous man. “Raise up your heads, O gates, so that Yochanan ben Narbai, a talmid of Pinkai may enter and fill his stomach with kodshei shomayim”. The Gemara goes on to describe the vast amount of food he ate.

  • Retribution for Yissachar Ish Kefar Barkai 

The Gemara asks what happened to Yissachar Ish Kefar Barkai as Heavenly retribution for performing the avodah with gloves, and recounts that he was called in by the king and queen of the Chashmonaim to settle a dispute. The king said that kid’s meat is better than lamb meat and the queen said the opposite. Yissachar gestured dismissively with his hand toward the king, and said if a kid is better, let it be offered as the tamid. Since he showed no fear of the king, the king ordered that they sever Yissachar’s right hand. When it was discovered that he had paid a bribe to have his left hand severed, they severed his right hand as well. The Gemara continues with statements that Yissachar did not learn Mishnayos, or even Chumash, where it is clearly stated that lambs and goats are treated equally when it comes to offerings.

Siman – Pinocchio’s nose. When people started to strong arm their way in to buy the latest Pinocchio Puppets dressed in raw hide outfits, four alarms went off in the factory courtyard telling customers to depart, and the puppets’ hands suddenly fell off.

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