Shas Illuminated

Shas Illuminated has undertaken to present to the ‫ לומדי דף היומי‬ and to the general ‫ עולם התורה‬ an in-depth ‫ ,שיעור‬ clearly and concisely explaining the main ‫ראשונים‬ and ‫  אחרונים‬on each and every ‫ דף‬in ‫ .ש”ס‬ Each ‫ ,שיעור‬ intended to be learned after one learns the ‫ גמרא‬ with ‫ ,רש”י‬ is recorded by world-class ‫ מגידי שיעור‬in a clear and straightforward manner that will enhance, broaden, and unlock the treasures hidden in each ‫ ,דף‬ including הלכה למעשה.


Each ‫  שיעור‬highlights the important perspectives on the ‫ דף‬ that are not covered in the standard ‫ דף היומי שיעור‬. They will be a valuable asset to the ‫ ,מגיד שיעור‬ advanced learners and beginners alike. The 45 minute ‫ שיעור‬ will enable those whose schedule precludes hours of study, to have a comprehensive understanding of the ‫     .דף‬It will also provide a strong foundation for those who wish to further explore the sources on their own.

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Shas Illuminated
5-10 Minutes
Wide Range of Topics